Welcome to my Blog

Thanks for checking out my blog. I update it about twice a week with info on how to add humor to your communications – whether you’re speaking in front of group or writing something for people to read, you can be funnier. Why? Because humor helps you:

  • connect easily with your audience (and by audience, I mean people listening to you or people reading your memo),
  • keep people engaged and interested in what you have to say
  • diffuse tense situations – like say if you’re dealing with touchy politics at work
  • sell a product or service (think Super Bowl ads!)

Humor works, and we need more of it. Feel free to leave a comment, question or an idea for a topic you’d like me to cover.



A Little Background About Jan…

I’ve been a comedy writer, comedian and keynote speaker full-time (as in no day job) for over 20 years! I’ve sold comedy material to just about EVERYONE. . .from the Tonight Show monologue to radio (I wrote 15 jokes a day for about 500 stations daily for 10+ years), greeting cards (really tricky), CEOs (I’m great at punching up speeches), speakers (I’m great at punching up keynote presentations) and even guests on the Jerry Springer show (details when I get to know you better). Soooo, I thought I’d try to get a consistent blog up about how to add humor to written and verbal communications. ANYONE can do it. . you don’t have to be a comedian. I started out as a marketing person! So stay tuned and feel free to email me if you have questions. . . Jan@TheWorkLady.com (I specialize in comedy shows and humor keynotes for corporations and associations, and I do a lot of work humor . . . so I go by The Work Lady – catchy, huh?). And if I don’t have time to write for you, I can recommend some GREAT writers who can!! I also have a book on comedy writing – check out the tab – click here!

Jan McInnis and her Scooter

Featured in May 2010 Redbook Magazine on my scooter!