Silly Jokes and Why They Work

Silly jokes work.

We love them. Admit it. You will read a silly joke. A few comedians, such as Jackie the Joke Man, have made their living off silly jokes.

Silly jokes may not make you famous . . .

but they’ll grab your attention – sorta like reality TV. Have you ever been flipping through the channels, and just stopped on a reality TV show for a minute . . . and then an hour later you’re still watching? That happened to me with that show “tough as nails.” All of a sudden, I couldn’t not watch.

Silly jokes work the same way.

You think, “aw, that’s stupid,” but then you keep reading. I shared my keynote at a virtual conference this week in which they had an app for networking. One of the networking questions on the app was for people to post dad and mom jokes. And boy did they get a lot of posts – probably more people got involved with that questions, than the other serous questions.

Silly jokes work because . . .

For one thing, we don’t have to think. You “get it” pretty quickly, without trying too hard. We also like silly jokes because they make us feel smart. It’s like solving an easy crossword puzzle. You get a sense of, “yeah, I figured it out. I’m brilliant.” And we like silly jokes because they are funny . . . they’re not high brow humor, and most people don’t want to hear an hour or more of silly jokes . . . two or three work well. But silly jokes do make us emit a response. And reacting to a joke, with a chuckle or a groan, means the joke worked to a degree.

So, here’s a few silly jokes . . .

From my past writing for radio stations, I sold a LOT of silly jokes. The DJs love them because they were quick, and their listeners could get an instant laugh. Here’s a 45 second video of a few that I sold. Get ready to groan!


and check out my past article on asking questions.

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4 Questions Comedians Get Asked A LOT

Questions comedian get asked all the time make it easy for us to LOOK like we’re joking off the cuff, when we’re really just answering your question that we’ve been asked 10000 times in the past.

The last post I made, (click here) I mentioned questions NOT to ask a comedian. But there are some questions we’re asked all the time, and we love it, because we have ready-made answers.

IN OUR . . .

Baby Boomer Comedy Show that I do with another comedian, we do a Question and Answer session at the end, and we ALWAYS get asked how did we meet. And I ALWAYS pop off with “,” It’s funny because I’m single and my partner in the show, Kent Rader, is happily married – he even talks about his wife in his act.

It gets a HUGE laugh and looks to be off the cuff, when in fact we get asked this question at almost every show. Below are some Questions I get asked all the time, and some funny answers. If you want to find comedy, make a list of the questions you’ve been asked a lot. . .and come up with some stock answers. Then, at the next cocktail party when someone asks one, you’ll pop off with a hilarious answer and look BRILLIANT!!

4 Questions Comedians Get Asked ALL THE TIME. The infograph below actually answers these questions honestly.

  1. Where do you get your material? Answer: From porn sites. . . that’s funny because my act is clean
  2. Who is your favorite comedian? Me. Hey, if I don’t think I’m the funniest, then no one else will either.
  3. Why did you get into comedy? To piss off my parents. Okay, not really, but I’m sure it didn’t make them happy in the beginning.
  4. What’s your worst show? The one I just did for you. That’s funny as long as the one I just did was great. Otherwise, it’s kinda honest.

Enjoy your questions, and check out my other websites when you get a chance.

Take care,

5 Things Not to Say to a Comedian

People think they can say ANYTHING to a comedian and why not? They’re a comedian, they can take a joke. Right? Well, sure, but there are still things that you should NOT say to a comedian.

Why? Because number one, these things are rude and number two we hear them all the time so they aren’t original. So I came up with this list of 5 things you shouldn’t say to a comedian.

For your next comedy writing exercise,

think of 5 things that you get asked ALL THE TIME. And then come up with some funny answers. Here’s my five, and my funny answers.

Have a great weekend,


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Check out my keynotes – Click Here.

Here’s the 5 Things Not to Say to a Comedian

  1. “I’m really funny, I should be a comedian.” Comedy is HARD. The easier it looks, the harder we’ve worked. You wouldn’t say that to a trained surgeon – “I’m really good at cutting things, I could do your job!” So don’t say it to us.

2. “Here’s a joke you can use.” No, we can’t. We write our own material, and we write from our experience. Telling us a joke is fine . . . but saying we should use it is not. That’s like saying, oh, you’re a realtor? Well here’s some tips on selling a house. And no, I’ve never actually sold one, but still . . .

3. “Tough crowd.” Yes, we know. Trying to commensurate with us that it was a bad show only makes us feel worse. Instead, point out something you liked and be positive. Next time you screw up in a meeting, do you really want your boss to say “well, that was awful!”

4. “I’ve never heard of you/Why aren’t you famous?” There’s a LOT that goes into being famous besides talent. Connections, a “look,” or simply being in the right place at the right time all factor into fame. My come back line . . . you work for XYZ company, why aren’t you the boss? Being famous is like being the boss at your company. . . and if you are the boss. Then I guess you get to say that one! LOL.

5. “How much do you make?” Yes some people think comedy is not a “real” job, so it’s okay to ask what I get for a gig. But you wouldn’t ask your non-comic friends that question, so don’t ask us. I usually answer with “I’ll tell you what I make if you tell me your salary.”

5 Things Not to Say to a Comedian
5 Things Not to Say to a Comedian

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