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Joke writing is only a part of my comedy career. It’s the telling them that is where I make the most $. My new podcast “Comedian Stories: Tales From The Road in Under 5 Minutes” is short stories of what I’ve done in the past 24+ years to make a living. . .the good, the bad, the celebrities. . .everything. check it out at this link:

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Comedians, don’t fall in love

Comedians don’t fall in love

with your jokes that is! We get the wording of a joke down, and it makes US laugh. . . but sometimes, okay many times, the audiences think differently! Maybe the way we said it in our head was funny, or maybe we are off by a word or two, or maybe you’re the only one on the planet who thinks it’s funny. Sometimes we’ll never know.

comedians and dogs are good

comedians can fall in love with a cute dog

But what I do know

Is that you need to be open to the fact that it isn’t working. . . try a different angle, run it past comedian friends, let it sit for a while before doing it again, try it several times in a row in front of different types of audiences. But after you’ve tried it a bunch of times on stage, without the result you want, maybe, just maybe you need to let the joke or the funny premise go.

There are so many things

that go into making something funny. You may never know why something works or doesn’t work, but don’t fall in love with the joke or the wording of the joke, or you’ll miss other funny opportunities AND weaken your humor overall.

This is your quick reminder blog. . . not to fall in love with your jokes. Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Comedy and the Olympics. . . the humor I see.

Laughing at the Olympics?

You bet. . .there’s some funny things about the winter Olympic games, and you can practice your comedy muscle by looking for these comedy gems. I LOVE the Olympics, so I’ve been glued to the set. . . which means I get to look for raw comedy material. Here are my first impression of things you can work into jokes about the Winter Olympics.

First off, your body parts are

worth gold. I’m not talking about “ladies of the evening” body parts (you know who you are!), but check out some of the wins. It’s not always the fastest person, but rather the one with the longest toes! Speed skaters and biathlon people win by a toe or sometimes foot (literally). Bummer for the second place person with the size 4 shoe!

And we are treated to some funny (i.e. weird)

sports like the biathelon. This is where you ski and shoot. Where else would you ever use this skill? Hunting in Alaska? And how did it start you ask? Well according to Wikipedia, it was a military thing.

olympics and ping pong do mix

winter olympics are over. Now looking forward to summer olypics

Not into skiing with a rifle? Then check out

curling, which needs no introduction IF YOU LIVE IN THE UPPER MIDWEST! The rest of us need an introduction – please. It’s called Curling but they push the puck in a straight line. Go figure. And Curling may be obscure, but they actually had some scandal – the Russian guy lost his medal for failing a drug test! Really? Have you seen this Olympic sport? What kind of drugs do you have to take to curl? Maybe caffeine to stay awake during the game, and maybe even to play it. Shocking scandal!

Just as shocking though was the

Czech Republic’s Ester Ledecka winning the women’s Super G. Everyone was shocked. . .including Ester! She was a snowboarder who just tried this little ole Super G thing about a month earlier. When asked how she did it, she responded “in both sports, you go down the hill, right?” The camera man had to tell her she won. She actually broke up the celebration of the Australian skier who figured she’d already won the gold. Ester won by 1/100th of a second. . . once again the toes come in! And she borrowed her skis from Mikaela Shiffrin. Then beat her with them.

Borrowing is something I never

thought of for the games. The first Olympic games many moons ago should have done some borrowing. . . namely they should have borrowed clothes! They did those games naked. Oh to be a comedian back then. . . a lot of things to have fun with. I’m betting no one wanted to ice skate on the “short” program!

And of course ice skating terms

lend themselves to humor. Check out “Hydrant Lift,” “Twizzle” and “SalChow.” I thought they kept saying “SalCow” which makes about as make sense as SalChow. And Hydrant lift sounds like something your dog does on his walk.

Even if you hate winter sports, the Olympics are worth watching. Perhaps the real gold is in the jokes!

Have a great weekend!


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