What’s your worst job???

In my keynote Finding the Funny in Change, I talk about asking funnier questions to get funnier answers. It’s a way of practicing humor. If you ask boring questions, you’ve got nothing to work with. I also do a quick exercise in which I ask people what was their worst job?

We’ve all had a bad job . . . not necessarily the one you have now, but maybe it was your first job. Mine was telemarketing! Here’s a few answers from some of my recent virtual keynotes.

Enjoy your weekend!


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Finding the Funny in Change humor keynote

Over 50 and F’ing Funny

Myself and comedian Frank King are starting a new podcast TODAY – Over 50 and F’ing Funny! We’re interviewing some of our comedian friends from the road who are, well, over 50. Some of these people have hit it big in comedy and some have not . . but they’re all funny!

Here’s the link to Spotify . . . we’ll be getting it out to other places soon.

Over 50 and F’ing Funny Podcast

We started this idea about 15 years ago . . originally it was titled Over 40 and F’ing Funny and we were going to pitch it to Comedy Central . . . but we got busy! The COVID times have given us time to work on projects. And since podcasts are big, we switched to that medium.

The comedians we interview have fun stories from the road, and we kick it off with a little taste of their humor. If you’re looking to write or perform comedy, then please check out the podcast here:

We’ll be syndicating it on all the usual podcasts platforms as well.



comedian podcast launches today – Over 50 and F’ing Funny

Master of Ceremony At-Home Studio

Working from home isn’t a new concept for comedians . . . we work from home to write the jokes. PERFORMING from home, is totally different though. I’ve always joked that I’d like to do the shows from my living room . . . and now I am. Here’s a quick peak of my home studio set-up. I’ve been booking emcee work along with my keynotes, and the clients really want to havea “production” feel to the show . . .so instead of being a talking head on Zoom, I put together a semi-stage in the garage.

Feel free to email me if you have questions or want to know what equipment I’m using. Also check out my Master of Ceremonies website below and also my main website.



Master o Ceremonies studio set up
Fun emceeing in a studio set-up

Comedy Writing Gigs part 3

Hilarious jokes are all set – you’ve got some samples of jokes you’ve written and some real live people – radio, TV, comedians, etc. . who will vouch for you that you’re, or at least the jokes you write, are funny! So where do you now go to actually write...

Watching Comedy

Comedy burnout? Does that really happen? Kind of! When I started out, I think I was performing in a comedy club or sitting in the audience of a comedy show just about every night for the first 2 years. And then I quit my job and kept on a steady stream of...

What Have You Laughed About Recently?

In thinking about this comedy blog, I asked myself, “what have I laughed about recently?” Luckily as a comedian, I’m always looking for humor, and so I had a big list of funny things from just the past 7 days. Life goes by way too fast which means it’s...

Humor in Pain

Funny jokes come out of pain. . . if you can stay present and see the humor. When we’re sick, we don’t feel like laughing, but that’s precisely the time we need to pay attention to finding the humor – because you’re looking at life from a different...

Take The Road Less Traveled

As for funny things, that's not only the name of a popular book, but it's a philosophy for finding humor. One of the shows I performed at this week was for 600 women at a church. The crowd was so big that they turned the men's room into a ladies room. . ....

Dialing For Dollars

In my line of work, there's a lot of cold calling. Sure I get work through agents and bureaus, but the majority of my work i get through "dialing for dollars." And while you may not need to make cold calls to bring in an income, you still will need to...

Judging Jokes

There aren’t many hard and fast rules in comedy, but one comedy rule you can’t get around is that comedy is subjective. . . everyone has a different idea of what’s funny and what’s not. For example, a friend of mine just had a liver transplant. He’s okay,...

Remembering Your Funny Jokes

So you’ve worked and worked on some killer material. Great! But you’ve got to REMEMBER the joke in order to, well, get people to laugh. I have a couple of memory techniques that I use. Say it out loud FAST. Run through your jokes fast, so that you can get...

Improv Comedy

Okay, I’m not too keen on Improv comedy. Maybe because I spend too much time writing jokes, or maybe it was my experience with an Improv comedy troupe years ago. I was doing a show at a comedy club, and the Improv troupe who was going on ahead of me took...

A Comedian on Being Genuine

Joke material and funny stuff these days is all around us. . .especially if you’re a comedian and you write political humor. Between “alternative facts” and bringing your own cheering section to a briefing, the current president is opening himself up to a...

Clean Comedy Pays Off

I’ve known that my clean humor is a huge bonus! It’s allowed me to work more of a variety of entertainment venues, and it’s allowed me to work at well-paying corporate and association conferences and conventions without having to be a big star. If you’re...

Using Stock Jokes

Two guys walk into a bar. . And find that this is not funny. Okay, should you use stock jokes, or as we comedians call them HACK jokes? I’ve talked about joke formulas like “he’s so big” or “top reasons why. . .” and I think that’s okay. You get...

Joking with Small Groups

9 People??? This week had I had the opportunity to be in front of a small group. . . 9 people. That’s NINE – single digit. . .no, I didn’t miss a zero. Before  this, the smallest I’d spoken to was 12. . . a little bit of a drop from the 4400 people I was...

Political Humor

I chatted on this comedy blog infrequently in the past couple of months. .  .okay not at all. I’ve been in the middle of some comedy projects that are exciting but taking more focus than I can handle. So for funny this week, I thought with all the politics...


Letting Go . . .Of joke ideas that aren’t working that is. And this is a hard one because, as we comics say when we come up with an idea for a joke we just know “there’s something there.” I’ve been working on a joke about “tribute bands” – you know bands...

Wedding Toast Jokes For Laughs

In previous blogs I’ve talked about using topical jokes to bring in some current humor, and I’ve got a great example of it. I’ve started writing topical jokes for a wedding toast website for the best man:...

Joking & Disasters

Okay, so the east coast now experienced what the west coast has been exposed to for years – EARTHQUAKES!!! I’m originally from VA now living in CA, so I had to laugh at all the “check ins”. . “are you okay???” that people were doing. I’ve woken up in my...