Writing Service

Okay, so even after reading my blog you STILL don’t want to write the jokes yourself? NO PROBLEM! I’m open for hire. In fact I’ve written tons of stuff for just about everyone, such as. .

The Tonight Show monologue – I unofficially freelanced by faxing in jokes and getting checks. I met the head writer once at a comedy club and he said “oh, you’re Jan McInnis? You’re on the list that we accept freelance from.” Pretty cool.

Radio Stations – every morning for 10 years I wrote 15 topical jokes a day for a radio prep service . . .they didn’t buy ’em all, but I did pretty well.

CEO’s. . .I’ve written for lots of CEOs and business people who want to spice up speeches. I’m fast and I can figure out the topic pretty quick.

Greeting Cards. . . these are the hardest because they have to be specific but general. . .a mother’s day card for example needs to appeal to moms of all ages with all ages of kids – baby to grown up. But I did it, and it was fun!

Professional Speakers… many of them are great at their speeches but they want to add in the funny. . .I do that easily!

Various TV things, like for guests on the Jerry Springer show. .. that’s a story I’ll tell you over a glass of wine.

So the bottom line is, I can write for you too. Here’s what some of my past clients say. . .

“Jan, I spent five painstaking years crafting my first keynote…sweating over each line.   With your expert help, my second keynote will be ready to launch in a few short weeks.   Your ability to mine for “hidden humor moments” in my scripts was shockingly effective.   Massive opportunities for mega-laughs that were under my nose…but unnoticed.   You quickly understood my comedy “voice” and wrote razor-sharp gags (not just amusing chuckles, but wickedly effective lines) that even a rookie speaker could use to jumpstart their career.” Dr. Steve Bedwell


“I’ve worked with several comedy writers over the years, to help me “punch up” my speeches. None of them ever came up with as many jokes that fit my working style as Jan. She really has the gift. I don’t think I’ll ever stop working with her. She keeps giving me funny stuff that works for me. I can’t recommend her enough.” Bodine Balasco, Professional Speaker


“You continue to amaze!  Your wit, timing and flair for relevance was apparent during your comic routine at our corporate event in Denver last month.  It was impressive.  Being a person that fancies myself as a critic with a funny bone, I was intrigued by your work.  This led me to ask you to consider writing some jokes for me. . .as I give many keynote speeches and other presentations.  The jokes you provided in a timely manner were well crafted and relevant. It was really kind of fun to integrate your jokes into the speech.  The speech received excellent reviews.  The combination of you and I resulted in an effective fundraiser. Just as you had done for your performance last month, I thought you did an excellent job of targeting the jokes to the intended audience.  I thank you for your work and I look forward to continuing our relationship.” Kevan Worley, President,National Association of Blind Merchants


“Jan has been a daily contributor of fantastic topical joke material for our morning radio prep service for over a decade.  She’s dependable, hard working and very funny.  What else would you want?” C. R., Head Joke Writer, TCS radio prep service


Jan has contributed daily, topical jokes to The Complete Sheet (our radio show prep service) for more than ten years, and I’ve always admired her ability to write comedy that’s funny without being dirty or offensive.  It takes true comedic talent to be able to do this.  That’s why companies love to have her perform at their corporate events.  They know she’s going to entertain their employees without making anyone feel uncomfortable.  If you’re a public speaker, isn’t that part of what you do?  Why haven’t you called Jan yet?”                            B. C., Owner , TCS radio prep service


Contact me for prices and a list of sample topical jokes.