Comedy and the Olympics. . . the humor I see.

Comedy and the Olympics. . . the humor I see.

Laughing at the Olympics? You bet. . .there’s some funny things about the winter Olympic games, and you can practice your comedy muscle by looking for these comedy gems. I LOVE the Olympics, so I’ve been glued to the set. . . which means I get to look for raw comedy...

Wedding Toast Jokes For Laughs

In previous blogs I’ve talked about using topical jokes to bring in some current humor, and I’ve got a great example of it. I’ve started writing topical jokes for a wedding toast website for the best man:

Joking & Disasters

Okay, so the east coast now experienced what the west coast has been exposed to for years – EARTHQUAKES!!! I’m originally from VA now living in CA, so I had to laugh at all the “check ins”. . “are you okay???” that people were doing. I’ve woken up in my bed during a...