I write a bunch of topical jokes every day for radio. . . some of the good ones still don’t make it on for various reasons, so I’ll be posting ‘em here every day. Feel free to put ‘em on your site, just make sure I get the credit/link. Thanks!

–Because of the VA Tech tragedy, “One Life To Live” had to change a storyline of students being held hostage. The writers are confident though that they can get another 30-year-run out of the “my husband slept with my best friend” storyline.

–According to a recent study, intelligence has nothing to do with wealth. Oh yeah, that’s right. I read about it. . .it’s from that study in which they followed Pauly Shore around for a day. . .

–The FCC may ban violence on TV before 10:00 pm. Great idea. Let’s show the violent stuff during the times when only serial killers are awake.

–President Bush said he won’t accept an Iraq war timetable. But, just for grins, let’s say the timetable is pretty much on the same schedule as the end of his term.