Nutrisystem sales are down according to AOL. . . a CEO from Nutrisystem says they wasted 3 million on “cardboard”. . which I thought he was referring to the taste of the food, but it was actually the signs and posters of their spokesperson athletes. So how could Nutrisystem have had a better ROI? How about using humor! According AdWeek. . . ”We found that brands that advertise on the Super Bowl see an average sales uplift of more than 11 percent in the following month. This generates an ROI from Super Bowl ads 250 times greater than the ROI from the average TV ad.”

An ad in the superbowl costs 2.5-2.8 million for a 30 second spot. . .and most of them are funny! We remember Betty White playing football for Snickers this year. . .and we remember “herding cats” from last year. Put some funny into your advertisement, and you can win big!