Just in case you weren’t sure if you should use humor in your business communications, I’ve come up with . . .

17 Reasons To Use Humor In Your Business Communications

  1. Great way to break the ice on a tough topic
  2. Great way to make small talk & mingle
  3. Gets people to listen to you
  4. Gets people to remember you & your message
  5. Changes the mood
  6. Helps you burn calories. . .yes it does. . . so you can fit into your business clothes
  7. Keeps you healthy . . . so you can stay on the job
  8. Gets your point across (many a truth is said in jest!)
  9. Gets you through embarrassing situations
  10. Sells an idea/product/service
  11. Makes tough/sensitive /stressful situations bearable
  12. Makes you approachable
  13. Introduces you to others
  14. Gets you free stuff
  15. People expect it
  16. It’s fun
  17. It makes things more interesting for you

Get the point? EVERYONE should be trying to use humor – it would make business more fun!