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It’s in front of your face!

So I just did a great program for a really fun group yesterday . .see the 32 second video above from the client! I gave my Finding the Funny in Communications humor keynote in which I do a lot of humor but I also give some quick tips on how they can put humor into their communications. I don’t just tell them all the good reasons you should use humor, but I tell them HOW to find the funny. . .because one thing I hate is going to a seminar, on, say, “how to be a millionaire” and they spend the whole time telling me why it’s good to be a millionaire. . I already know that – I want to know HOW. One point I stress in this Finding the Funny keynote is that some of my tips are easy and obvious. . .well, yeah, but the thing is many times we miss the easy and obvious humor and thus we miss great opportunities to make our communications a little more interesting.

Don’t complicate it!

When you’re trying to find the funny, many times we make it too complicated when all you really have to do is look around. . ..I mean really, really look around at your environment, and then say your first impression. I once did a show at a restaurant in which the place was packed with millions of gaudy, fake roman antiques. So I opened with. . .”this is the first time I’ve ever performed at a yard sale.” Sure it was an easy joke, but I could have missed it if I was more intent on making sure I said my standard opening joke correctly instead of looking around. So pay attention. .. what is your 1st impression of the hotel lobby, the meeting room, the street outside the hotel, the exhibit hall, your hotel room décor?

What are THEY seeing?

I have to say, I missed a good opportunity yesterday because I went in thru the back of the hotel, and I should have gone in thru the lobby . . .where there was a big statue of Goofy (this was a Disney hotel). I might have had some fun with that because most everyone else had seen it since they were staying at the hotel! Don’t miss the joke that’s right in front of your face! Pay attention to obvious and easy humor.

I should have walked thru the lobby BEFORE the show