A funny thing happened to me on the way to the stage. . .

Okay, yesterday I did my Finding the Funny in Change humor keynote for a major health care group in Kansas. It went great, but it could have started out horrible since the speaker before me was Kathleen Sebelius, the Secretary of Health & Human Services, and she was wearing the EXACT same outfit as me. The SAME jacket. . .not just similar. . the SAME. And black pants. She did wear a black shirt, and I wore a white one, but otherwise, we were twins.

Here’s the green jacket! The same one as the Secretary of HHS wore!

When you HAVE to address the situation!

Soooo this is one of those times when you HAVE to address the situation. I had a few minutes to come up with some lines while she was on, so I first thought – why would we both do this – and came up with “It’s green jacket day” here at the association. THEN I went further by having some fun and wondering, what happens to people who try to look like her, and came up with – I almost missed the program. I was detained by security for impersonating the Secretary of Health & Human Services. That went well too, and then I also asked myself where did we both shop? And I realized that this green jacket was the same one I wore when I was a Hillary Clinton impersonator, so I mentioned that. . .and wondered out loud if she got hers from the “real” Hillary.

It all worked out!

This worked out well and I got some laughs and then moved on. I actually looked forward to getting on stage and having fun with it, where many women would have been horrified! If Secretary Sebelius had stuck around for my show, I would have tried to get he on stage for a picture. . .maybe.

Sometimes you can prepare for humor, and sometimes you’re forced to do it. If you look at things like this as opportunities to inject comedy, then you can get thru any “uncomfortable” moment.


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