One of the funnest ways

I create quick humor and really, really connect with the client, is to connect with their business. I just did a show for architects and engineers, and even though I know very little about what they do, I was still able to have some fun. What I do know is that they design and build stuff, so I took a quick peak at their website to see just what they build. And wow! Lots of cool stuff like hospitals and science buildings and arenas!

All of it looks pretty complicated

and hard to make a joke about. . . until I got to the part where they designed an indoor track at the University of Nebraska. That got my attention because I know a track is very simple! It’s just a circle. . .which gave me the joke – “you all ‘designed’ a track? How hard is that? I think I could do that!” It got a huge laugh, and I was able to tag it . . . since I had talked to the client and found out that engineers are pretty grounded and practical while architects are more creative, I was able to add the line with “a track is a circle. Of course the architects probably wanted to make it a figure 8.” The joke got a second great laugh and let me connect easily.

Along those same lines,

I found out that the boss was a landscape architect and in his bio he said that he beats bunnies with a shovel who get into his garden. Again, even though I don’t know squat about architecture, I had some fun about his not being able to design something to keep a little bunny rabbit out. . like a FENCE! The moral of this story is . . . just because the subject you’re dealing with may not be in your area of expertise, don’t shy away from looking for a connection.

Keep in mind what they do – in simple terms –

like architects and engineers build stuff. And then look for something that you understand – like designing a track. You’ll get a great laugh and an instant connection.