You know little kids can be annoying

(probably why I didn’t have any). . .not because they wet their pants and/or barf a lot, but because they ask a lot of questions”. . many of which we don’t know the answer to – it just IS!!! And what is the most popular question kids ask? It’s, hands down, the question WHY! So, while kids are annoying with questions, asking “why” in comedy is a good thing. Think about it. . if a kid bugs you enough and keeps asking why, eventually you’ll start coming up with exotic, funny answers to cover for your lack of knowledge. So, when you’re writing jokes, if you keep asking that question WHY, you’ll come up with more and more exotic answers, which will lead you to some funny lines and great jokes.

Things like . .

  • Why would the company do xyz?
  • Why do they have this particular theme to their conference?
  • Why are they doing something this way?
  • Why did people REALLY attend the conference?
  • Why are YOU speaking to them?

I had some fun

answering the question WHY during a program recently in which they held their business session the morning after their big party. Why would they do that? To make sure everyone passes the motions without objecting? Many times by pointing out the REAL reason a particular event is happing, by asking WHY, you can pull out some great humor.

So take a cue

from those annoying little kids, and ask WHY repeatedly, over and over, until you are forced to get creative!