I’ve talked about

. .  asking questions to come up with great punch lines. And one of those questions is WHO? Who would do this? Who does this remind you of? Who else should be here, who who who!

 If you’re trying to make a joke

about a cold room for example, ask WHO is cold? You’ll come up with all sorts of creative answers, such as. . .my ex-spouse, my mother-in-law, Hilary Clinton . . .which might lead you to. . .this room is colder than the Clinton bedroom or this room is almost as cold as my ex-spouse. The same for if the room is hot (the sun, J-Lo,), or the ceilings are high (Paula Abdule, Ozzy Osbourne). You can take any element in the environment and ask WHO to get to the funny. The more extreme you can get, the funnier it’ll be.

 Why you ask?

Because, as I pointed out in an earlier post, giving human traits to things is, well, just funny. Matching the coldness in the room to Hiliary Clinton. . .just HILlarious . . get it. Okay, we’ll talk about puns later.

For the moment,

make sure you’re asking WHO when you’re trying to come up with a great joke punch line.