One of the best ways to use humor is to . . .

make a connection with people in that “ah ha” moment when you both “get it.” And because humor is such a good people-connector, it’s a great way to build camaraderie with your coworkers and employees when introducing them or acknowledging them. One great way to do this? Ask funnier questions about employees.

Think about it.

When we’re acknowledging someone who’s done a great job, what do we usually say about that person? “He’s been with the company 35 years, he was born in Sandusky, he lives with his wife and 18 kids in.. .. snorrreeee. . .” We tend to “thank” someone by listing out all sorts of boring facts and figures that even the honoree doesn’t want to read. Sure you can make a connection with someone if you find out that he grew up in your hometown. But sometimes you don’t get that far in reading because it’s not interesting.

So how about INSTEAD,

Of asking boring questions, you ask funnier questions to get to some really interesting information that people will actually read, remember, and even connect with. A couple of fun questions include “do they have any unusual hobbies?” I like that show on Animal Planet called “Fatal Attraction” in which people have weird pets like alligators and lions. What if the person you’re acknowledging has a snow leopard in his backyard! Wouldn’t that be cool, interesting and funnier than saying he grew up in Des Moines?

Or how about asking

if the person has any famous relatives or notorious family members – Charles Manson comes to mind. Manson has to have relatives (especially considering he “dated” all the women in his cult). What if your coworker is Manson’s cousin???? Or maybe they took vacation that turned out wrong or they’ve had a weird bad job. Ask funnier questions and you’ll find funnier stuff that people will remember and enjoy.


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