I’ve talked about asking questions

when trying to come up with a killer punch line for your jokes, and one of the best questions is “how.” How would someone do something, how would this happen, how ELSE could you do that, how, how, how. The more you ask the question, the more you’ll keep coming up with funny “hows.”

At a recent awards dinner,

one of the recipients was a young 20ish something woman who had just received a scholarship check to help pay for her to go back to college. Of course everyone in the room presumed that the check was for tuition – but I thought “how else would a college student use that money?” Answers included buying clothes, eating, and drinking. . .aha! That’s it! I came up with “they gave you a check for college – that is gonna buy an awful lot of shooters! I remember what I did with MY money in college.” It got a great laugh and gave the woman some extra recognition for her hard work.

Many of my jokes,

and in fact many jokes that you’ll hear from other comics, are really answering the question “how could you do that if you could do that anyway at all?” Maybe you’ll even find something that’s doable AND funny!