Networking can be BORING . .

especially if you’re giving out the same information and asking the same standard (read: dull) questions. When you meet someone, or introduce a new employee or hand an award to someone, what’s the first bit of information we tend to give out? Jobs, colleges, years with the company, snoreeeee. Yeah, nobody remembers that stuff. So this blog will be a four part blog with, you guessed it, four questions you can ask and/or 4 things you can tell someone about yourself that is funny and that they’ll actually remember.

Question 1: Do they (or you) have interesting, fun

hobbies? Some people really do more than just work. A lady at my program the other week raised Llamas and last week a woman collected tissue paper. The Llamas I kind of understand, but the tissue paper, well, that was a little weird – thanks for sharing! But I guarantee that everyone in the room, including ME,
remembers these women because of their unique hobby.

I watch the Animal Planet show Fatal Attraction.

It’s about people whose hobby is raising exotic animals like monkeys and alligators. That’s fun and memorable, though they usually start with a close-up shot of the person, and then by the end of the program we see a long shot where the person is missing arms and legs. . . but still it’s an interesting show. These animals usually attack, by the way, so I don’t recommend it.

But wouldn’t it be really cool if you found out

that the person you’re talking to is sleeping with a REAL cougar??? Way better than finding out they majored in accounting.

So next time you’re networking, bring up hobbies you’ve
had or ones you know about, and ask the other person about theirs. Funnier
questions = funnier answers.

Stay tuned for the next blog on other funny questions.