One way to find some hilarious humor is to

dig into your past. . .your wayyyyy, wayyyy back past. I’ve been re-connecting with friends on Linkedin and Facebook, and instead of just sending the standard invitation,
many times I’ve written out a personal note. This has led to a personal note
from them, and then they jog some funny memories from me. . memories that I may
be able to use in my act. I’ve also subscribed to a Facebook page that is based
on people who grew up in my hometown.  This is a great collective memory of hundreds of people who have memories that I couldn’t possibly recall on my own.

Speaking of the past. . here I am this weekend watching VA Tech win

 As a result of digging in my past,

I’ve been reminded of things such as the Presidential Physical Fitness Test in elementary school (I HATED participating in sports because I was so bad at them, and this test was just torture), popular high school hangout places, foods we used to eat, and a whole bunch of other stuff that I had totally forgotten.

Since I’m doing my Baby Boomer Comedy Show,

which is geared towards attracting an audience of Baby Boomers, these memories are perfect for having fun with.  So get active on all of these sites, if for no other reason
than to jog your brain for the funny.