What is the most common thing people do when they need to

come up with some humor? They LOOK for the humor. That kind of observational
humor made Jerry Seinfield rich and famous, and it’s what we generally think
comedians do to find funny jokes. But don’t forget to FEEL for the humor. I’m
not suggesting you start groping people. . .unless you can afford the lawsuits.
..but when you’re experiencing things in day-to-day life, ask yourself “what
does this feel like?” Expressing your feelings are a great way to find the
funny AND connect with your audience because chances are they’ve felt that way
too in similar situations.

 And this means you can find humor in the mundane things.


a serious picture that is funny years later


Take for example travel, which many of us will be doing this coming week. As
you get patted down at airport security, nothing funny might happen, but think
about what it feels like to get patted down – good, bad, embarrassing, special.
Or do you feel like a piece of meat or a stripper or whatever. And that’s where
you’ll find the big laughs or at least some humor. . . “I won’t say being
patted down by airport security degraded me and made me feel cheap, but I suddenly
had the urge to climb a pole in my underwear.”


Or how does it FEEL being crammed on an airplane with people

couching and hacking? It feels like you’re in a TB ward without access to penicillin.
Or what does it FEEL like to:

  • Wait for your luggage to come around on the carrousel
    at luggage claim?
  • Ride the airport shuttle.
  • Rent a car
  • Use a public bathroom


If you feel a certain way in going through this stuff, then

chances are, many people have had that feeling too, and that’s where you’ll


So start feeling your way to humor, and you’ll turn the humdrum
into hilarious!