Yeah, a comedy movie made it

to the Oscar nominations! Bridesmaids the comedy movie has been nominated. If you haven’t seen it, then I highly recommend it – the comedy is well written in a funny sort of way. Of course with any movie – especially some comedies – you have to be in the right mood for it, and be with the right people. I happened to see this funny flick 2 weeks ago on my annual Cousin’s Ski Trip where for the past 27 years I’ve gotten together with my cousins and my siblings and all the spouses to ski. Okay, it started out skiing, but has turned into more of a wine and eat weekend.


watching a comedy movie in the right mood!

 We watched

Bridesmaids after wine, and it was funny, though I think it would still hold up now. What I like about the comedy writing is the obsurd stuff that maybe could actually happen. Sometimes comedies get too far fetched and the humor is just whacky – you just KNOW that that particular thing could never happen. But I think the really good comedies are just obsurd enough where some of this stuff MIGHT happen.

My favorite scene

(spoiler – don’t read if you haven’t seen it) is at the rich bridesmaid’s house where she’s throwing a bridal shower for the bride. As the jilted bridesmaid storms out, the rich bridesmaid screams at her something to the effect of “no party favor, you will NOT get a puppy!” Then we see servers at the door handing out puppies.

That is hilarious because

maybe the really rich do hand out puppies at parties – I have no idea – but it might happen and, anyway, puppies are cute.

So go watch the movie and see how they walk the edge of comedy and comedy writing. Then cast your vote for a dang comedy to win this year! Kudos to those comedy writers.