So a couple weeks ago

I was hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park with some friends, and we took the traditional pictures. .. the 3 of us standing there smiling at the camera. But one of my friends also said she likes to do something different in the pictures to make them more interesting. . .so we started having some fun with taking pictures of us doing something different.

we’re sleeping @ Dream Lake in Rocky Mtn.

This reminded me of something

I talk about in my Finding the Funny in Communications keynote, in which I tell people how to make their business communications funnier with humor. I remind them not to forget about the simple/routine things that you can make funnier. . .. like in pictures. How many times have you seen a press release of new construction “ground breaking” where 5 guys are staring at the camera holding shovels??? BORING. A fun, quick and EASY way to add some humor is to not take the same picture that everyone one else is taking. So do something different with the shovels. .

 Ask Yourself. . .

How else could you break ground for a new building?

Who else could be digging?

What else could you take a picture of?


Your might come up with. .

How Else Can You Break Ground. . .

  • People with toy shovels.
  • People with spoons.
  • Digging with your hands.

Who Else Could Be Digging. . .

  • Kids
  • The Elderly/grandma
  • A dog or pack of dogs

What Else Could You Take A Picture Of. . .

  • Cool equipment that digs/demolishes
  • Sponsors/donors/big cheese people IN ACTION. . doing something besides holding a shovel
  • The actually workers who will be doing the digging

You can add some quick humor if you stop doing the same old thing and ask funnier questions.

Every Time You Take A Picture, Ask Questions:

  • WHAT else can we include to make this picture amusing?
  • HOW can we do this task to make the picture more amusing?
  • WHO else can we focus on to make this picture more amusing?

Besides, nobody believes the guys in the suits are digging. . .that picture is so boring I bet THEY don’t even look at it!!!

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