I did a comedy show

for an education group this week, and I got it off to a great start by making jokes about some of the products in the exhibit hall. There’s a goldmine of comedy information and potential for tasteful humor in what the exhibitors offer, but many times we overlook these people. For example, every booth gave out candy, so I had a great opening line – “Halloween came early in the exhibit hall! They’re giving out Snickers bars, M&M’s and Reese’s cups . . . all the stuff you tell the kids not to eat.” Then I had some more fun about “grading” the exhibitors on their candy – mints versus Milky Ways, etc. . .

the best give-away @ the exhibit. . .all my cell needs is a beer!

I also joked about

the products. Now you have to be nice because the exhibitors are the ones who support the association financially, but they also appreciate a little extra attention. I mentioned the booths selling this sleek, shiny new furniture and that it was a lot different than the stuff we had because you can’t carve your name in it. . .I tried! And there were also some booths that sold survival equipment. Really? Is school getting that dangerous?

All in all,

the exhibit booths were a wealth of potential comedy material, in which I was able to pull out the humor quickly! I spent maybe 15 minutes in the exhibit hall and with every booth I passed, I tried to make a connection between their product and my audience. The show started off with some great humor references and rocked on from there!