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I’ve talked about using topical jokes to bring in some current humor, and I’ve got a great example of it. I’ve started writing topical jokes for a wedding toast website for the best man: http://www.thebestmanspeech.com/usabestman/display/builder.cfm in which each week I connect a news story or two with a wedding toast that the Best Man can use. Using topical humor is great in this instance because:

Topical jokes

make the event fresh. While many wedding toasts focus on stuff about the bride and groom, if you can include humor about Lance Armstrong losing his medals or Obama winning the election it freshens up the standard wedding toasts. That way no one will think that you borrowed the  speech from your granddad’s dad’s dad’s dad.

Topical jokes

also make you look more spontaneous.  No one wants to look like they had to spend hours and hours writing a toast. Many of us do have to do that, but you don’t want people to know it. So you look like a genius if you just popped off with something you just thought up about this week’s news stories. And by the way, you don’t have to spend hours and hours writing a speech – join this site and get original speech contact fast!

In addition, topical jokes

are a great way to connect with everyone. While some people might know that Tom the groom used to work as a talking Christmas tree at the mall during the holidays, there are probably many others who don’t. So your jokes about Tom sitting on pointy tree needles might fall flat for a good part of the room. Whereas you’d have to be living in a cave to not know that Obama was re-elected. Okay, even the Taliban living in caves knows that!

And finally, topical jokes

are a fun way to get your news. Okay, considering the above point, maybe not everyone knows that Lance Armstrong lost his medals, but they DO know who he is. And so you can be educating and entertaining people at the same time. Millions of people cite Jon Stewart and the Daily Show with being their main source of news. Enough said.

Now with those reasons for using topical jokes,

how does one connect topical jokes with a wedding? Well for me, one way is that I make a list of what the news story has in common with a marriage. For example, with Lance Armstrong, I came up with things like “riding a bike/doing something repetitive” “winning medals/winning a bride” “cheating and losing medals/cheating and losing a bride”.. ahhh, the last one hit home and there goes the joke. With Obama, I took a quote he said about the future, and I made a reference to the future of a newly wed couple.

Check out this site with topical wedding toast jokes:

http://www.thebestmanspeech.com/usabestman/display/builder.cfm – the topical jokes are on the right hand side. I get a TON of offers to write for people and I only take on a few gigs because of my crazy travel schedule. I turn down a lot of other gigs for reasons such as, the person didn’t realize I need to be paid (really folks??) or paid more than $10 bucks, the person wants to be famous in five (minutes that is – no thanks), the person is a comic who should write HIS/HER OWN material, the person is not easy to work with (if i can tell over email, that’s a bad sign), or the person is too vague such as asking “give me jokes on dogs.” I took on this Best Man toast writing gig because the jokes are GOOD, the guy building the site knows exactly what he wants, he was easy to chat with via email and he pays me. Enough said. Plus it’s FUN. I used to write for a radio prep service, 15 topical jokes a day. I did it in 2 hours and I did it for 10 years Sunday through Thursday. I loved writing topical material, so to me this is great work.

So enjoy the Best Man jokes and website. Use this site and you’ll be the hit of the wedding . . . .and you didn’t even have to spring for the open bar.

Have a great weekend!