Okay, it’s been a while

since I’ve written in this blog. .  I’ve been on the road with my comedy shows and humor keynotes running crazy – guess the humor marketing is working! I was last talking about using humor in your marketing by tying it to a funny item. And I mentioned that I had one “rule” . . and that rule is. . . the item has to DO something. I don’t use bobbles that just sit on someone’s desk because people usually toss those. . . I want my item to be able to be used in some fashion. . .usually by being eaten, but it can be some fun toy that does something or that the person can use up.

Now that doesn’t mean

That you need to go out and stamp your logo on a bunch of pens. I’ve got a MILLION pens with logos and I never look at who gave me the pen. But have the item do something else – a fun toy or, again, something edible, or even hand sanitizer that people use. . .though that’s getting overused at the moment.

Here’s a few samples

of some of the funny items I’ve based my promos on . . .just to show you that you can make ANYTHING funny.

  • Skor candy bar. . Skor big with your clients, hire comedian Jan McInnis
  • S’More candy bar . . . I’m giving you S’More so you’ll book me S’More
  • GOO GOO Clusters. . .comedian Jan McInnis is on the Goo Goo
  • Mounds candy bars.. .here’s to MOUNDS of work for you and comedian Jan McInnis
  • Good N Plenty . . .Who’s got good jokes and plenty of ‘em – comedian Jan McInnis
  • Key chain tape measure . . .it’s time to measure success
  • Chapstick . . .to get rid of dry meetings hire Comedian Jan McInnis
  • Sugar Daddy candy . . .Wanna get rich? Get a Sugar Daddy. . . or book comedian Jan McInnis
  • Crunch candy bar . . . In a Crunch? Hire comedian Jan McInnis
  • Rocky Road candy . . .Hire comedian Jan McInnis so you’re event is not a rocky road
  • Take 5 candy bar. . . Take five, eat this candy bar, and then get back to booking me
  • Bit O’Honey . . .Add a Bit O’Funny
  • Gummy pizza candies . . .when you want great food delivered, call pizza, for great comedy delivered, call comedian Jan McInnis
  • Lollipop Dice . . .Increase your odds for a great event . . hire comedian Jan McInnis
  • Hand sanitizer reminding everyone that “Jan’s comedy is clean”
  • Bubbles with the note that “You can’t blow it by booking comedian Jan McInnis”

Okay, you get the idea!

You really can tie two things together into a funny marketing message.

So check out your local 99 cent store and grab something funny (and cheap) to connect with your clients.