Who’s got a YouTube account?

Yeah, like everyone on the planet – because so many people want to show their funny videos. And like almost everyone on the planet, I haven’t paid that much attention to it. . . until this week. I bought this inexpensive youtube instruction course and found out all the cool things I was missing that I could do with my comedy videos! I’ve had some fun with the course and actually spruced up my comedy videos – see the one below – with funny things like captions and different tags. But the sad thing is, that I left my video site looking like crap for a long time . . .because I didn’t revisit it.

And the same goes for your comedy.

If you want to add some fresh humor to your speech or memo or whatever, take a look back at old jokes and see if you can re-work them or if you can connect them to other jokes to make a callback. And whenever you bring in something new, go through your old jokes and see if you can find material that relates.

I think it was Jay Leno who said that there are only a few premises on the planet (things like relationships, work, etc). So all of your material probably relates back in one way or the other to each other.

Have a great labor day weekend!


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