One of the best

research techniques I know of to find humor is to LISTEN. Because most people are so busy talking that they don’t listen to what’s going on around them! Here’s how I found humor just by listening this past week.


Finding the Funny in Communications

comedian Jan McInnis presents her Finding the Funny in Communications keynote

The speaker ahead of me

made some funny remarks about airlines and how Delta Airlines is now using humor when they give their safety instructions. I had a Southwest Airlines joke that I then opened with to play off of her remarks.

At the reception,

I got my picture taken with the Mayor of Springfield, MO. The woman taking the picture happened to be with the Springfield, MO CVB, and she proceeded to give me a big dose of Missouri trivia – like Brad Pitt and Bob Barker went to school there! I was able incorporate those comments into my keynote Finding the Funny in Communications. I also included a joke in my opening remarks because she told me, and the signage confirmed it, that Springfield, MO is the birthplace of Route 66. Of course it goes all the way to California, where the traffic is so bad we call it Route 666.

These were 2 easy ways

to include humor into my comedy keynote without having to make much of an effort. Heck during the reception I even had a glass of wine while doing that research!

So listen

to what’s going on around you, and let people tell you there story. You’ll wind up with some great jokes, and it won’t take a whole bunch of your time or brain power.

Have a great weekend.