Well today I DIDN’T get hired

for a comedy show because some client heard the word “fax” in one of my jokes and she didn’t like the reference. Really??? That joke still works great, and people still know what a fax is, in fact they still use ‘em!

So do I freak out and

re-write my joke to get rid of that reference? Well, that depends. The common joke that “everyone is a comedian” isn’t too far from the truth because a lot of people who have never even tried comedy still feel that they can give those of us actually doing comedy, some tips. But should we listen to them? I think you have to consider the source . . .what is their ulterior motive. In this instance, I know that the agent has put me out to this group for a few years now. And every year they turn me down for some reason, so I’m guessing at this point the group is looking for reasons NOT to hire me; nitpicking one of my jokes is now their excuse.

I had a client once tell me

not to do office jokes, like my “take the copier” joke, during my show . . . I go by The Work Lady and I make a lot of fun of office stuff. What’s the deal – they don’t want me to joke about work??? I talked to them, and after hemming and hawing about it for a while, I found out the REAL reason she didn’t want my office jokes , particular the copier joke, was they had just had a bunch of layoffs and those people who were laid off actually stole office equipment. Good for them! And I bet the joke would have hit well, but I didn’t use it. However I was able to use my other office jokes and all was well.

So what can we learn

from people who give us unsolicited advice??? I say, look at the situation before taking any advice. What’s in it for them? Why are they telling me this? I’m happy to take advice from people who are doing or are trying to do comedy, but I generally don’t listen to those who give advice on something that they know nothing about.

So next time someone

tells you your joke isn’t funny, or relevant, remember the wisdom that it’s usually them not you.

Have a great holiday!

And start taking notes so you can use the holiday snafus for humor later.