I’m finally using

technology for comedy. . .sort of! I got the new-to-me iPhone 5 (with Siri of course) and there’s a neat-o recording app that allows me to record comments. I know there’s been other recording devices, and this really isn’t a huge writing tip, but I guess what I’m trying to say is find something that’s handy for you to keep track of your brilliance.

So far in the last few weeks

I’ve record a couple dozen ideas. This is really, really helping me to remember premises – better than the stacks of bits of papers that I have laying around. So my advice for the week is to find a way to easily record all your ideas. . NOW. I put this off for, oh, say a few years . . and I know I’ve missed some great jokes because of it.

I look a little nutty talking into it as I exercise, but who cares. . .I’m finally remembering stuff!

Here’s another clip on joke writing. . .

Have a great weekend!