Looking at WHERE people are sitting

Can give you great comedy material to kick off your speech. I’m doing a comedy show for a group and they told me that the top sales guys and gals are sitting at the front tables. That got me to thinking. . .where are the not-so-top sales people sitting? The answer – in the back of the room. And what’s in the back of the room . . .THE BAR, which might be the reason that they aren’t the top sales people. I intend to have some fun with that little factoid at their event.

And for that matter

Pay attention to the placement of things in the room . . . like the people, the bar, the bathrooms, the tables, the dance floor, the windows. All of these and many more are fair game for joking about.

Of course I’ll

feel the crowd out before hand to make sure they’re able to joke about such things as sales people and drinking. But since these are sales people, I know my history with sales people is that they are pretty open to joking (except car sales people – but that’s another story!), so i feel pretty confident.

So when you want to write humor, pay attention to who is sitting where in the room and you might find the funny easily.

Here’s another one of my Anatomy of a Joke Videos – quick joke tips!

Have a great weekend.