Okay, so you still aren’t sold on using comedy?

Maybe you think it’s just for comedians, because we know how to do this and you don’t. Or maybe you’re just in too serious of a business to use humor. Okay, but there are many other places you can inject humor. . .here’s 8 of them

1. business writing – make people want to actually read your memo!
2. work speeches – you gotta lay people off? Do it with humor. JOKING. But how about when you get to congratulate someone. Use humor instead of a dry “thanks Bob for spending your last 64 weekends working for the company.”
3. Family toasts – weddings, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs, you get it. Whenever the family gets together to celebrate something.
4. in awkward situations to break the tension – meeting your fiancé’s parents or your daughter’s boyfriend
5. to spice up small talk. Cocktail parties can be dull. Enough said.
6. to impress a date. Surveys say people are attracted to people who are funny.
7. when you’ve embarrassed yourself. Get out of it by making a self-deprecating joke and get everyone to laugh with you. You know they’re gonna laugh at you behind your back if you don’t get your mistake out in the open.
8. writing a book. Most books can lend themselves to a little humor, so find the funny in your story and add it in.

That’s just a start

of places you can use humor. Now have a great weekend and go look for ways to be less boring! Oh, and send me a place that I’ve missed – I’m sure there’s a million that I haven’t thought of.