So you’ve got to keep the company

holiday party rocking and rolling along without having everyone snoring? Here’s some things you can joke about safely and successfully!

Embrace Religious Differences.

Usually you shouldn’t talk about religion, but the holidays have so many different takes on it, that this is the exception. Don’t make fun people’s religions at all, but you can bring up little known facts about different religions and customs that will make the event more interesting.

Talk About Santa.

Regardless of your religion, everyone know who Santa is! So make references to large men in red or people going down chimneys or elves and reindeer, and people will get it. Find someone with a good sense of humor who LOOKS like Santa and you’ve got comedy gold!

Bring Up Funny Things That

Have Happened To You During The Holidays. Do you have a crazy holiday story? Or maybe a heartwarming story with a funny twist. My mom once cooked Thanksgiving dinner while she unknowingly had the flu. She passed it along to EVERYONE and to this day we refer to that year as the “Thanksgiving Day Massacre.” Bring these stories up and you can have people laughing and reminiscing!

Watch The “Inside” Jokes.

If it’s a work event you’re emceeing, it is tempting, and easy, to goof around about the broken copier or the bad lunchroom coffee, but remember there are lots of spouses, vendors and others who don’t deal with it day-to-day. Stick to Santa and you’ll engage more people.

fluffy relaxes in her box

Bring in weird tips about

holiday customs and things we take for granted. If you don’t want to go the religious route, then bring up little know facts about the holidays. Did you know there’s an insurance policy for Santas? Think about it. . .do you think an uninsured Santa should be around drunk adults and/or little kids. No way. Have some fun with fun facts about all the different customs and from all the different countries.

Fruitcakes are Fair Game.

And in fact other food items that we only see around the holidays like cheese balls, egg nog, and gingerbread houses. Make some references to these food items and you’ll connect with people instantly!

Enjoy the holidays, and use these tips so that you don’t worry about being funny as an emcee. . .you’ll have plenty of ammunition!