Jon Stewart’s announcement

that he’s moving on from the Daily Show was hard to hear, because he really built up the show and created a HUGE following. He got people to actually enjoy the news – that’s tough.

I got to work with him

17 years ago, when he first started on the show. It’s the first time I’ve ever experienced “star power” because he, I and the other comedian went to a movie on Saturday – one of those Mummy movies – and people’s heads were literally snapping when he walked through the lobby. I didn’t know much about him, but I suddenly “got it” that he was a big shot.

So I thought I’d do

a quick blog this week focusing on some of the things that made Jon Stewart funny. If you can take a hint from him, maybe you can get millions to like you and your comedy as well.

1. He’s like my cats,

very fluffy!




he’s like-able. In his farewell speech, he even thanked the people who disagreed with him. And hey, if people disagree with you, but still watch you, that’s good!

2. He’s interesting to watch.

He’s always got great stuff to say, but he’s also interesting to watch, and you must be too. It’s not enough to have great jokes. When I first started in comedy and was struggling with my stage presence, someone gave me the sage advice to “S__t on all corners of the stage.” I don’t think he meant literally, but rather, move around, be interesting, and engage everyone.

3. He makes things simple.

Jon Stewart and his writers, are masters at distilling down complex crap like the elections and government spending, into stuff we can understand and stomach. Don’t over think the jokes and put in too much information. Distill it down, down, down so we all can understand it!

4. He is passionate about the material.

He really got into the stories and did a great job of pleading his case for why you should see things his way. “Sell” your jokes/ideas/point of view the way he did and people will laugh with you.

5. He is relaxed.

When I had my first “headshot” taken for comedy, it was awful for many reasons (hair, outfit, you name it).But mostly it was hideous because I had this forced smile on my face, and one that my friend Rob and I called the “I’m going to make you laugh” smile. When you’re stressed out hoping that people will laugh, they never laugh. Jon Stewart puts everyone at ease and ready to laugh because he’s at ease and ready to laugh.

Give your comedy more of a chance by taking a hint from someone who’s doing it right!

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