So I’m in Las Vegas for a gig today

and I thought I’d look for 5 funny things that I can joke with. If you get into a habit of looking for the funny, then it becomes easier and easier until you’re doing it automatically.

Comedian Jan at the Paris Hotel

Comedian Jan at the Paris Hotel

So here’s 5 funny things in Vegas. . .

1, Sushi is being sold at

Walgreens. Why is that funny – Walgreens is a drug store so they are creating their own patients! Vegas is a desert. . . not sure where the salmon is coming from. Eating Sushi From Walgreens is code word for “Salmonilla”. . .or maybe instead of Salmon, they have Salmonilla (spelling???). There are so many ways you can go with this one. One of my first jokes was about sushi. . . “We had sushi for dinner. That’s raw fish. I’m thinking what are they gonna serve us for desert? Cake Batter?”

2, It is

Freezing here. Again, this is a desert. Also, there are strippers here. . .which could lead to jokes like “it’s so cold even the strippers are XXX.” Ok, what would strippers do when it’s cold? Only strip to the g-string? dance for warmth? It’s also windy here. . .so there’s an anology between blowing your money and your hair at the same time.

3. I’m in Vegas and am doing a show for

financial investors. Yeah, people who invest other people’s money! “I’m not sure how my stocks are doing. . .it depends on how well my financial planner does at the craps table.” Why would financial people come to Vegas to relax? Whose money are they gambling with anyway???

4. I’m at the Paris hotel and it is

smokey from all the smokers. Which seems appropriate for Paris. So I guess I can go to New York, New York to get robbed or the Egyptian hotel the Luxor for lunch to get a “wrap.” The hotel names and what we associate with those names will are easy, funny things to joke about.

5. All the front desk staff were wearing

American football jerseys. . .yet football in Paris is what we call soccer. Are there some football analogies and hotel check-in analogies that can be made – He’s blocking me from checking in early (true!). Or maybe, since I’m in a casino, is it a sign to play keno using the numbers on the check-in guy’s chest? You can take this a few different directions from one observation.

Okay these are 5 things I noticed in under a 30 minutes by just thinking about it. And I can come up with at least a couple lines from these observations. So stop what you’re doing and really look around you. .it’s sort of that kids I Spy game. . .see what’s funny that’s right in front of you!

Enjoy your writing. . .