As for funny things, that’s not only the name of a popular book,

but it’s a philosophy for finding humor. One of the shows I performed at this week was for 600 women at a church. The crowd was so big that they turned the men’s room into a ladies room. . . and guess which one I used?

Here I am at the Comedy Show w/600 friends!

Here I am at the Comedy Show w/600 friends!

Right, humor can be found in the men’s room line

because not only was it shorter, but it gave me some good material when I went into the men’s room. Namely that there is a baby changing station in there. Who knew? I joked that sure there’s a changing station in there, but IT’S NEVER BEEN USED.This got a huge laugh and applause. Apparently many of the mom’s could relate.

I had also walked around the “Peddler’s Village” to find humor

that afternoon. It was a quaint (or trying to be anyway) little village, and I popped into several stores. . .that gave me a great line as well when I mentioned that the word peddler drums up images of an old man selling CHEAP stuff. Not so much. Everyone “got it” when I said the word cheap. . .as this town’s stores were not cheap.

So when you’re trying to come up with a funny line,

don’t miss the stuff that’s right in front of you. . .if you just walk around the corner. For example while everyone is going in the front door of the building, why don’t you go in the back. . .or use the bathroom at the far end of the building, or even take a different driving route to the event. Surely you don’t want to be too obscure, but you’ll see different stuff that will give you better humor and resonate with the crowd.

Enjoy the holidays!


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