Funny jokes come out of pain. . .

if you can stay present and see the humor. When we’re sick, we don’t feel like laughing, but that’s precisely the time we need to pay attention to finding the humor – because you’re looking at life from a different perspective.

delilah is not laughing

delilah is not laughing

Some new joke ideas

recently came as the result of a tooth that was killing me. My whole mouth was on fire, and it was hard to find the humor at first. But then I let my imagination go, and started thinking of ways that I could get this tooth to stop hurting.

Nothing funny about pulling

it out with pliers myself. . .but then I got to talking with my friend, and I started thinking of the bigger picture. I said that I wouldn’t mind taking the tooth out because I don’t need it. In fact, as I get older, I realize that there are other body parts that I don’t need. . . which lead me to the joke set-up line of “The best part about growing older is that you don’t need all of your body parts. When something hurts, you can just take it out.”

This joke can now go many different ways. . .
Gall bladders, ovaries, appendixes, teeth. . . to name a few things. I’m working on the comedy bit now, but it took a killer tooth to come up with some (what I hope to be) killer comedy.

So pay attention during the times when you’re down . . . and you may find a funny angle that’ll take your mind off the pain.


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