In thinking about this comedy blog,

I asked myself, “what have I laughed about recently?” Luckily as a comedian, I’m always looking for humor, and so I had a big list of funny things from just the past 7 days. Life goes by way too fast which means it’s important whether or not you’re a comedian, to take a quick stock of funny things that make you laugh out loud.

Here’s my funny list from the last week.

I traveled to Lubbock, TX. . and realized I was surrounded by humor.

Joyland is funny –

joyland is funny and scary!

joyland is funny and scary!

This should be called Sadland as it cracked me up that something described as an “amusement” park could be so depressing. I can just hear the kids now “no mommy, I don’t want to go to Joyland. Joyland scares me.”

The 10 Commandments greeting me at my hotel makes me laugh

laughing to c 10 commandments @ my hotel room

laughing to c 10 commandments @ my hotel room

Nothing says “Bible Belt” like the 10 commandments greeting you at the entrance TO YOUR HOTEL. Are they gonna drag us out to church in the morning? And really, it was over Valentine’s Day. I’m thinking “how many of these commandments are being broken this weekend inside this hotel?” Funny, funny, funny.


Signing the toilet in the green room is kinda funny-slash-yuck.  

laughing at people signing a toilet in the green room

laughing at people signing a toilet in the green room

Not me, but the other entertainers who came through. The walls were pretty crowded, but really, the toilet seat? It just makes the toilet look not so clean.

Funny dog

My dog getting loose (I found her!) 

and me acting like the neighborhood crazy lady is amusing. My dog getting loose was far from funny, but after I found her, I reflected on the way I acted. And the only way to describe that was “crazy neighborhood lady.” I spent 30 minutes screaming her name up and down the street. It worked as she started barking back, but I’m sure my neighbors didn’t hear her barking. . . plus I riled up all the other dogs in the neighborhood. Not cool, but kinda funny.

We take time to meditate and we take time to reflect on our blessings,

but I think we should also take time to reflect on what we did in the past week that made us laugh. You’ll get a second laugh out of it, and maybe some great comedy material.

Take care,


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