I’ve known that my clean humor

is a huge bonus! It’s allowed me to work more of a variety of entertainment venues, and it’s allowed me to work at well-paying corporate and association conferences and conventions without having to be a big star. If you’re comedian Eddie Murphy, you’ll get hired for these events and you can say whatever the heck you want – if you offend people, so what. You’ve got millions of dollars to fall back on, PLUS, the client really knows what they’re getting – chances are, if they’re booking Eddie Murphy, they’ve seen his act and know what he does.

Clean Humor wins

Clean Humor wins

If you’re Jan McInnis, you’re

unknown, which means that no, the client can’t tell me what jokes to say, but yes, they can tell me to keep it clean – if word gets out that I’m telling dirty jokes, then I lose business. And I don’t have millions to fall back on!

Score a big one for my clean comedy though

because a few days ago I got an article on me and my clean comedy in the Huffington Post. Click here to check it out.

Also, here’s the link to the blog of the author of the article, Fran Johns – click here. She has a great blog!

And, no, I’m not saying you MUST work clean. Do the humor that resonates with you and you’ll find a venue. . . you must, must be true to yourself. But if you can do clean jokes, and you enjoy it, then I recommend following that path!