Jokes abound on the web. . .

No this isn’t about stealing jokes from websites and putting them into your speech. That’s called. . .stealing jokes. This is about using resources on the web to find your set-up lines so that you can create the jokes.

Here’s one funny and fun resource for your comedy. . . There are lots of great articles on here that are culled from all over the internet. . . and as such, there is lots of great comedy just waiting to be written.

For example, I saw this hilarious true map of

funny googles

funny top things people are googling in each state

what the most popular google search is for each state as a result of the recent political stuff going on. So look at the google search for that state and then have some fun with what we know about that state.

One of the tamer googles is from Arizona. . .

they mostly want to know how to immigrate to Canada. Funny if you start thinking about people in Arizona moving to Canada. . .do they actually know how cold it gets there? If they want to immigrate to Canada, their first stop should be Nordstroms for a COAT. Wear that around 24/7 for a week to make sure they really want to go make their home in Canada.

New Mexico people are researching

boarder patrol jobs – if that doesn’t work out, they can chat with the good people in Arkansas to find out what they learned about fence building.

Or in North Dakota, they don’t want to

move to Canada to protest. . . they just want to know how TO protest!” And of course there’s always the gross googling. . . the good folks of Missouri wants to know about Sean Spicer’s gum. What could you possibly want to know about gum, even if the person chews it in mass quantities!!!

So take a look at Digg or other sites that I’ll be mentioning in the future, and find some funny stuff to joke about easily!

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