Funny humor comes in all forms,

and it’s not just for stand-up comedians. Ventriloquists use dolls, magicians use rabbits, hypnotists use people. . . you get the picture. So how about looking for the funny outside of just plan jokes. Years ago, when I sold a lot of topical (day-to-day news) jokes to radio and TV, I always had leftover jokes. . . I thought they were funny, but apparently the buyers didn’t.

Not to be one to waste a joke,

I came up with the brilliant idea of Cat Comedian! Yes, my cat, Rockette would tell these jokes. Then if people didn’t think they were funny, it wouldn’t reflect badly on my comedy career.


Cat Comedian didn’t really

take off due to my crazy schedule and the fact that video and audio editing software were nowhere near as easy as it is today. I just didn’t have the time. BUT there are now apps that can help with this. Here are a few funny apps that I’ve started using that can help put humor into whatever you want to make funnier.

  • Ripl . . .combines your pictures with music and text . . .take some funny pictures and make a funny video.
  • My Talking Pet . . . great app that makes your pet, or pretty much anything you want, talk!
  • Word Swag . . . makes fun pictures and posters with words . . .great for FB posting and other social media.

I’d love to hear the apps that you use to add humor!

Take care,

Jan – my funny site for health care