Comedians don’t fall in love

with your jokes that is! We get the wording of a joke down, and it makes US laugh. . . but sometimes, okay many times, the audiences think differently! Maybe the way we said it in our head was funny, or maybe we are off by a word or two, or maybe you’re the only one on the planet who thinks it’s funny. Sometimes we’ll never know.

comedians and dogs are good

comedians can fall in love with a cute dog

But what I do know

Is that you need to be open to the fact that it isn’t working. . . try a different angle, run it past comedian friends, let it sit for a while before doing it again, try it several times in a row in front of different types of audiences. But after you’ve tried it a bunch of times on stage, without the result you want, maybe, just maybe you need to let the joke or the funny premise go.

There are so many things

that go into making something funny. You may never know why something works or doesn’t work, but don’t fall in love with the joke or the wording of the joke, or you’ll miss other funny opportunities AND weaken your humor overall.

This is your quick reminder blog. . . not to fall in love with your jokes. Thank you.

Enjoy your weekend!


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