So I’m doing some virtual humor keynotes these days – I used to joke that I’d like to do the comedy from my living room to cut down on travel . . and now it’s happening! Is it weird telling jokes and not hearing laughter? Yes . . .it is. It’s one thing to be on stage and not hear laughter…. at least you can react and play off of that. But it’s another to just presume they’re enjoying it and plow on.

What’s the key? Pretend it’s a radio interview. I’ve done THOUSANDS of interviews on the radio. . . it’s just me and the DJ. And they go very well. So that’s what I’m doing. Sure my timing is a little messed up . . .but I work hard to slow things down and give people an extra second to process the joke. So far, so good. I want to get back on stage in front of real people, but for now, it’s virtual people. Here’s a shot of a 2-day event I spoke at last week.