If something’s boring, we make the comment – “it’s like watching grass grow” or “it’s like watching paint dry.” BUT growing grass actually can be funny . . .or at least interesting. I got this cool app on my phone that connects to my sprinkler system so I can turn the sprinklers on/off, and do all sorts of other stuff, whenver I want to . . .without having to go into my basement to do it.

The company who I bought the system from is Rachio, and they send me an email once a week and calls themselves “lawn nerds.” That peaked my interest enough to open it. . .and sure enough, they are lawn nerds.

They give lawn tips about growing your grass and they offer little known facts about your grass . . . it’s kind of entertaining. And by calling themselves Lawn Nerds, they’re making fun of the fact that they love grass. A lot of comedy is about superiority, and they are making themselves funny so we feel superior.

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. . . so if you want to connect with others, and you’ve got a kinda boring product, make up a funny new identity . . . maybe make a list of things people think about someone who likes your product. I’m guessing Best Buy came up with the Geek Squad to poke a little fun at themselves while getting you to laugh all the way to their service desk!