Myself and comedian Frank King are starting a new podcast TODAY – Over 50 and F’ing Funny! We’re interviewing some of our comedian friends from the road who are, well, over 50. Some of these people have hit it big in comedy and some have not . . but they’re all funny!

Here’s the link to Spotify . . . we’ll be getting it out to other places soon.

Over 50 and F’ing Funny Podcast

We started this idea about 15 years ago . . originally it was titled Over 40 and F’ing Funny and we were going to pitch it to Comedy Central . . . but we got busy! The COVID times have given us time to work on projects. And since podcasts are big, we switched to that medium.

The comedians we interview have fun stories from the road, and we kick it off with a little taste of their humor. If you’re looking to write or perform comedy, then please check out the podcast here:

We’ll be syndicating it on all the usual podcasts platforms as well.



comedian podcast launches today – Over 50 and F’ing Funny