I saw this piece of paper in my office today . . . and realized it’s from about 40 years ago. It’s a chart showing how much money you’d have if you saved so much per day . . .back when the interest rates were 12%. Wow, you could actually make money on your bank savings account.

Looking this and comparing to today’s prices is one way to find humor fast because there are so many different takes on it:

-We made 12% interest then and now we’d be thrilled got make .12% interest now.

-or maybe. . . I bought a house where the interest rate was 12% . . . you actually felt like you should stay home to enjoy your house AND you couldn’t afford to go out anyway.

Look around your house or office and see if there’s something that sparks some humor. And if these rates below had stayed the same, and I had saved $15/day starting at age 20, I’d have over 2 million in the bank . . not sure if that’s funny or sad!

Saving money isn’t as easy as it used to be!