Questions that you are asked a lot are a quick way to find humor. You can also reverse it by saying what questions should you not ask or why do people always ask me these questions. Here’s a quick list I came up with of questions things you shouldn’t say to a comedian . . .because people ALWAYS say these things to comedians.

Don’t get annoyed,

but rather start writing down questions that people have about your job, your hobbies, your kids. This is the stuff that OTHERS will want to know about, and it’s the basis for your comedy. Then start listing your answers. Get outrageous. Get smart-ass. How can you respond to the person asking the question? I mention that when people ask me what I make, I ask them to tell me first what THEIR salary is. Of course then it gets a little awkward, but luckily I know how to handle awkward.

I worked with Jon Stewart

at the Punchline comedy club in Atlanta years ago when he had just taken over The Daily Show. News sources reported that he was making a million dollars! That’s not much now, but almost 20 years ago it was a, well, fortune. He did the radio that morning, and the DJ brought up his new income. No one else would get that questions, but the DJ felt fine asking Jon if it was true. Jon came right back with, “yes, but it’s in Russian Rubles.” Brilliant.

He made us laugh, AND let the DJ know what an inappropriate question that was. It was such a memorable teaching moment for me, so I know how to handle it the next time someone asks me about my millions!

Have a great weekend and don’t ask the wrong questions! Have a great weekend!

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