Have you ever been at a serious, or worse a sad event, and felt the urge to laugh? I think that’s our brain trying to find a way to cope.

Laughter and reducing stress have been linked before, but all I know is that laughing works. Using humor to bounce back from a rough day/week/month, is good . . . and comedians know about rough days.

Comedians learn our jobs by making mistakes. We get up at an open mic, and that’s how we learn things like stage presence, timing, and even if the jokes we wrote are funny. There are MANY nights where we get our butt handed to us as we learn the ropes – but there is no other way around it. We have to learn by failure.

So aside from being funny, the other skill comedians have an abundance of is RESILIENCE. In order to overcome setbacks, like people staring at us silently, or worse yelling mean things at us, we need to strategies to over come the bad nights so we can move forward.

I was fortunate

to be interviewed on this wonderful podcast – Women Road Warriors – to talk about resilience and how to handle it. Their audience is women truck drivers, but the tips I share are universal. Whether you’re driving a truck or working at a marketing job, you’ll need to find a way to move through the tough times – humor helps.

A friend of mine once told me that she went to a comedy club, and ended up recognizing the comedian from many years ago back in high school. She said that as she listened to his act, she realized that almost all of his jokes where actual real things that had happened to him. He found a way to find the humor AND get others to laugh with him.

Below is the link to the podcast. Take a listen and pick up a few tips on finding the humor so you can bounce back. And then maybe you can get on stage years later and have people laugh with you.

And if you want a few laughs, here’s some funny short stories of stuff that REALLY happened to me. I use them in my keynotes on Resilience, Change, and Communications. Click Here.

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Keep laughing!