Yes. This week it’s National Nurses Week, last week was National Municipal Clerks Week, National Tourism Week, and National Teachers Week. There is literally a week for EVERYONE. And they all need a little humor.

When you’re adding humor, check out what week it is – by adding a little humor for people celebrating that week, you can make an instant connection with people in that profession. You’ll also get a better chance of people posting and re-posting and passing your humor around to others in their profession.

Below are some jokes I posted for the various weeks. I’ve also included the jokes in a sharable form AND I included quotes from people in those industries. These quotes are nice proof to others that I have spoken successfully in those industries and perhaps they would want me at their event.

The Jokes

National Nurses Week Humor:

“I read in AARP magazine that baby boomers are tattooing medical instructions on their chests, like COPD or GERD. This is so if they get sick in public, then when the medical people arrive, they’ll know what to do. I’m going to do that too. I’m going to tattoo PMSBO – PUT MY SHIRT BACK ON! I’m in public!” Jan McInnis

National Tourism Week Humor:

“Southwest Airlines says they are the ‘Dating Airline’ because they have that open seating policy where you can sit wherever you want. Really? Nobody meets on Southwest. What’s the pickup line – Hey, I’m cheap too!” Jan McInnis

Municipal Clerks Week Humor:

“At my last company we did all of

this team building & TQM stuff, which means employee empowerment and ownership . . . so I took the copier. I never owned one of these!” Jan McInnis

Teacher Appreciation Week Humor:

“Kids are lucky. They’ve got all sorts of great technology, like the Internet, to do their research. What did we have? Encyclopedia Britannica which your parents bought ONCE. Which means you could only be as smart as your oldest sibling.” Jan McInnis

I hope you’re saying thanks to the people in your life who work in these professions – they totally deserve it!

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