Lots of marketing campaigns use humor toting the benefits of using a product or service, but what developing humor about what happens if people DON’T use your product or service?

This Hilarious ad from Southwest Airlines

(below) promoting their hotel site is a GREAT example of using humor to show people the benefits of your product without making a boring list of benefits.

By asking the question above, Southwest Airlines ✈️ found a common experience – who of us has not slept on an air mattress in an odd room at a relatives house? And then they developed a funny ad!

Marketing experts say we are motivated by “fear, pride, and material gain” . . . I’d like to add humor coupled with fear/pride/material gain is even better. The fear of sleeping around creepy dolls, the lost pride of sleeping on an air mattress, and material gain of getting a good nights sleep are all wrapped up in this ad.

When writing business humor, start asking different questions to find fun ways to connect with your customers! What happens if they don’t use your product

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