My latest humor article is out titled “Mom’s Genius Idea” Is about a shortcut my mom did when we were kids. Lots of humor is pulled from our early years, so when you’re looking for the humor, dig deep and think of routine things that happened at your house that may not have happened at other people’s houses.

Below is a short except and link to the rest of the article.

If you peeked into our house

on any given weekday morning when I was growing up, you’d see a LOT of activity: four kids racing around like maniacs getting ready for school, Dad scrambling to pull himself together for work, Mom whipping up a well-balanced breakfast for six, and at least a couple of times you’d hear someone screaming, “Check the bed!!!” 

“The Bed” we referred to was Mom’s genius idea. In the days of “keeping up with the Joneses” Mom did a great job of keeping a neat house and supporting Dad in his career, but there was one thing she refused to do: fold and put away the clothes of us four kids. Not only would we not appreciate it, but she didn’t have that kind of time. So, a twin bed in the basement (“The Bed”) is where Mom dumped all of the kids’ clothes from the dryer. If you needed socks, shirts, dresses, pants, underwear or pretty much any clothing item, then you had to go to “The Bed” to find it. I remember countless mornings when at least one sibling and I were frantically plowing through the MOUND of clothing to find something that was wearable, matching, and “ours.” (God forbid you grab someone else’s favorite jeans!)

Mom created what we call . . .

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