I say “Super Bowl” you say . . . “Commercials!” That’s right, people who love and hate football associate commercials with the big game because THE COMMERCIALS ARE FUNNY.

In 2023, the cost of a 30-Second Ad Spot was around $7 million and the ads were mentioned over 300,000 times (1300 per minute) on Twitter during the game. You can’t get that kind of engagement if you’re Elizabeth Taylor (She’s been married 8 times.)

So why aren’t people using more humor in their marketing?

Afraid? Don’t know how? Easier to do the same ‘ole thing? PICK ONE!

But these days you shouldn’t shy away from making your message a little entertaining – people kind of expect it and you’re competing with a lot out there!

Humor is a muscle, and you’ve got to practice looking for it. The Super Bowl is a GREAT opportunity to learn from the pros, without spending 7 million bucks! So I challenge you to not just laugh at the commercials, or whatever it is that cracks you up, but to take a minute and figure out WHY it’s funny. You might be able to use that concept for your business.

For example, there was cat herding (my favorite). This commercial was based on the idiom “It’s like herding cats.” So ask yourself, is there an idiom that works with your product or service? Or Progressive’s “turning into your parents” commercials. While not strictly a Super Bowl commercial, as yourself “is there something your clients or potential clients DON’T want?”

Don’t miss a golden opportunity to get a 7 million dollar education FOR FREE by paying attention to funny Super Bowl ads.

Here’s my recap and analysis from last year’s Super Bowl commercials – https://www.comedywriterblog.com/2023/02/

Have fun with it and see where it goes! And check out my website for some of MY humor TheWorkLady.com


(I watch the game because I love football . . . the commercials are the icing!)