It’s Comedy Time. . .And the Oscar goes to.. .

Yeah, a comedy movie made it

to the Oscar nominations! Bridesmaids the comedy movie has been nominated. If you haven’t seen it, then I highly recommend it – the comedy is well written in a funny sort of way. Of course with any movie – especially some comedies – you have to be in the right mood for it, and be with the right people. I happened to see this funny flick 2 weeks ago on my annual Cousin’s Ski Trip where for the past 27 years I’ve gotten together with my cousins and my siblings and all the spouses to ski. Okay, it started out skiing, but has turned into more of a wine and eat weekend.


watching a comedy movie in the right mood!

 We watched

Bridesmaids after wine, and it was funny, though I think it would still hold up now. What I like about the comedy writing is the obsurd stuff that maybe could actually happen. Sometimes comedies get too far fetched and the humor is just whacky – you just KNOW that that particular thing could never happen. But I think the really good comedies are just obsurd enough where some of this stuff MIGHT happen.

My favorite scene

(spoiler – don’t read if you haven’t seen it) is at the rich bridesmaid’s house where she’s throwing a bridal shower for the bride. As the jilted bridesmaid storms out, the rich bridesmaid screams at her something to the effect of “no party favor, you will NOT get a puppy!” Then we see servers at the door handing out puppies.

That is hilarious because

maybe the really rich do hand out puppies at parties – I have no idea – but it might happen and, anyway, puppies are cute.

So go watch the movie and see how they walk the edge of comedy and comedy writing. Then cast your vote for a dang comedy to win this year! Kudos to those comedy writers.





What’s So Funny About Uranus??

This past New Years eve was great fun,

not only because of the friends I shared it with, but also because we laughed . . .A LOT. I’d like to say that it was high-brow humor, but what made us laugh the most was when my friend Susan tried to show us the constellations (we were out in Joshua Tree national park) on her ipad and she said “look, here’s Uranus.” When we realized what she’d said, we all burst out laughing like third graders. . . and then the jokes started flowing. You had to be there to appreciate it.

What’s funny about that word is not just that some scientist didn’t pay attention when he named that poor planet, but also that it’s familiar. So I thought I’d start the year off with

5 familiar things that you can always joke about. . .here goes:

1. Dieting/exercise/your weight is a way to write jokes. There are millions of jokes because there are millions of articles being published every day about weight loss – entire magazine industries are built up over it and TV careers are made because of it (think the Biggest Loser!). It’s a very familiar topic and it resonates with EVERYONE – even skinny people. So start tracking your dieting and exercise mishaps and you’ll strike comedic gold.

2. Your relationship. . .or lack there of is great for humor. You’re either in a relationship, out of a relationship, thinking about getting into one or thinking of getting out of one. . .even if someone’s never been in a relationship or they’ve been in the same one their whole life, they love listening about other people’s relationship problems. .. so analyze what you like or don’t like about your relationship and have some fun. And remember, it doesn’t have to be about your sex life (Uranus jokes aside!); there are plenty of other things. I’d stay away from the differences between men and women because that’s a little over done – get more personal about specific things that have happened in YOUR relationship.

3. Petsare always funny. People either like ‘em or hate ‘em. . .and while you usually shouldn’t talk mean about a pet (ok, I do have a joke about a cat dropping from a 3rd story window, but it’s cute, not mean), you can have fun with what your pet does. Follow rover around for the day and you’ll have a wealth of comedy material.

4. Crazy family/friends are also always funny. NOBODY’S family is perfect. . .dig into that family tree and find out where the nuts are. I have a relative who was once featured on that America’s Most Wanted TV show. I also have a kleptomaniac cousin. All are fair game. . .hey, if my cousin steals my stuff, I’m allowed to joke about her!


5. Car problems is another great topic to joke about. Tickets, tows and trashy repair shops oh my! We’ve all experienced that feeling in the pit of our stomachs when our car has cost us some unexpected cash. Have some fun with the cost or the repair or the being-stranded-story. . .you’ll get laughs along with empathy, sympathy and a few people thinking “thank goodness it isn’t me for once.”


These are just a few of the things that we share.

And, because of their familiarity, these subjects can give you an instant connection with your audience which means they’ll laugh with you (and maybe at you). People are always saying how they want to find a unique topic to joke about, but I think it was Jay Leno who once said there’s only a half dozen or so comedy premises. So put your own spin on a familiar theme . . . and you won’t have to relay on humor about our solar system to make you crack up.


Feeling The Humor

What is the most common thing people do when they need to

come up with some humor? They LOOK for the humor. That kind of observational
humor made Jerry Seinfield rich and famous, and it’s what we generally think
comedians do to find funny jokes. But don’t forget to FEEL for the humor. I’m
not suggesting you start groping people. . .unless you can afford the lawsuits.
..but when you’re experiencing things in day-to-day life, ask yourself “what
does this feel like?” Expressing your feelings are a great way to find the
funny AND connect with your audience because chances are they’ve felt that way
too in similar situations.

 And this means you can find humor in the mundane things.


a serious picture that is funny years later


Take for example travel, which many of us will be doing this coming week. As
you get patted down at airport security, nothing funny might happen, but think
about what it feels like to get patted down – good, bad, embarrassing, special.
Or do you feel like a piece of meat or a stripper or whatever. And that’s where
you’ll find the big laughs or at least some humor. . . “I won’t say being
patted down by airport security degraded me and made me feel cheap, but I suddenly
had the urge to climb a pole in my underwear.”


Or how does it FEEL being crammed on an airplane with people

couching and hacking? It feels like you’re in a TB ward without access to penicillin.
Or what does it FEEL like to:

  • Wait for your luggage to come around on the carrousel
    at luggage claim?
  • Ride the airport shuttle.
  • Rent a car
  • Use a public bathroom


If you feel a certain way in going through this stuff, then

chances are, many people have had that feeling too, and that’s where you’ll


So start feeling your way to humor, and you’ll turn the humdrum
into hilarious!




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