My latest humor newsletter talks about something that we sometimes FORGET to do – Explore! I do a lot of it in my life; it’s usually eye-opening and only a few times has it gotten me into a “pickle” (which is what my dog Delilah gets herself into a LOT).

Below is an except . . . click on the link to read the full article. It takes TWO minutes. You have time for this so give yourself a mental break and laugh a little!


There’s a lot of waiting around in life, which can sometimes get you into trouble! Many years ago, when I was backstage at a theater waiting for the first act to finish performing so I could go on, I decided to explore the rest of the theater, which just happened to be attached to a university.

I walked through one door and then heard a BAM. It closed behind me and LOCKED. (Oops.) I was now inside the school. I listened: no alarms, no cops. (Whew!) But I was a little stuck and the clock was ticking; the comedian on stage had about 10 minutes left. So, I frantically searched around for a way back in. I came to another door which opened to the outside—perfect!

I figured I could just go outside, walk around the building, and go in through the front like an audience member. . . except it was dark out. So when I went through that door, I found myself in a HUGE construction area on top of a HUGE pile of dirt. Actually, it had been dirt: the earlier rain had turned it to mud. And of course, I heard the BAM again, locking the door. There was no turning back now! Click here for the rest

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